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Certified LTC Insurance Specialist

By Working With Me Directly I Can Provide You With:

✔ Free Custom Designed Quotes

✔ We Shop most of the LTC Carriers

✔ Educational Information

✔ LTC Plan Pricing & Best Value

✔ No Pressure, No Obligation




Guiding You Through The Confusion of LTC Insurance

WHY people need Long-Term Care insurance!

  • LTC coverage is not included in one’s health insurance, Medicare, or Obama Care (the ACA) plan.
  • When it comes down to it, loved ones may not be able to provide that care (their own health issues, age, distance, costs, having to go to work, etc.)
  • Government assistance, once you're broke, leaves you with few options. Medicaid often means a shared room in a nursing home of their choice.
  • Don’t assume you're uninsurable! We can cover many pre-existing conditions.


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